Iron Health Alliance: fostering partnerships across anemias

The Iron Health Alliance is a global initiative dedicated to sharing the latest iron-toxicity knowledge with communities worldwide. Its objective is to improve iron toxicity management by advancing knowledge and establishing partnerships with key stakeholders.

The sponsor, Novartis Oncology, strives to uncover practical solutions in iron toxicity. It is supported by strong partnerships with thought leaders, healthcare providers, and patients.
This program is designed to increase awareness, provide support, and educate physicians and patients about iron toxicity.
New research and diagnostic methods continue to drive clinical progress. These advancements can be translated into widespread patient benefits by enhancing education, improving access related to diagnostics, understanding adherence, and encouraging higher standards of care.
The Iron Health Alliance is committed to increasing awareness of the latest information, resources, and protocols, as they relate to physicians treating patients with iron toxicity.
A variety of educational and service offerings may be available in your country. They aim to ensure that relevant information and support are accessible to improve patient outcomes.